WORLD EXCHANGEof Social Network Advertising


  • WESNA is an online marketplace that consolidates advertisers in need of social advertising or promotion of their products by thousands of contractors worldwide.
  • We have put the matter of reputation in social media perfection and promotion of mobile applications through motivated traffic to a professional level.
  • We give major advertisers something no one else has ever given! On the other hand, we provide hundreds of thousands of people globally with an opportunity to earn money.

WESNA team are proud of the fact that our activities give benefits to all the parties involved. We are happy to have become partners to the biggest international services of motivated traffic and social media promotion. We are happy to have been able to organize our activities in the sphere in a way to catch interest of world’s major brands that market their products globally.

WESNA is the first-in-branch company to have implemented the model of Prepaid Subscription cooperation with its contractors. This has enabled us not only to provide major world’s companies with services of verified and accredited contractors, but also to give contractors a chance to earn orders of magnitude more than elsewhere.

  • We have studied the sector and understood that major companies need quality and large volume – and we’ve given it to them! That is why world’s largest companies use our services.
  • WESNA is an industry leader that successfully satisfies most up-to-date demands of online advertisers.
  • WESNA is a tool that will let you promote your brand in the most innovative manner in the world.
  • WESNA is your reliable partner in the sphere of social media advertising and motivated traffic.