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Workflow Model

WESNA offers you a unique model of cooperation with the contractors. We are the first to have implemented it.

We created this workflow model based on deep analysis of motivated traffic market problems and feedback received from advertisers.

It appeared that the biggest market problem and its advertisers’ vital issue was the fact that the quality of contractors’ services left much to be desired. Thus, all existing world’s services suffered from the facts of unfair tasks performance by the contractors, including attempts of fake activities submission, using robots, emulating tasks performance and other methods of data distortion aiming at cheating advertisers.

Having understood the problem and advertisers’ needs, we got determined to resolve this issue!

Our analysis showed that it was contractors’ irresponsibility that underlined the aforementioned phenomena, as they did not risk anything. Almost all the services made it possible to create multiple unidentified accounts, including those using fake data and multiple e-mail addresses. And even if a contractor got banned by the service, it was easy for one to create a new account and continue one’s dishonest activity. These facts stipulated mass attempts of contractors to make their job easier by using certain tools to cheat advertisers. This was the reason for a global collapse in confidence that advertisers had for using motivated traffic as a promotion tool.

But we have resolved this issue by creating a unique scheme of cooperation in the market that enables us to make each contactor working through our company responsible, and to let advertisers be certain that they will really get quality services in full!


  • Company uses the money obtained to covers advertising expenses in order to find advertisers, as well as it covers its operational
  • Company uses the money obtained to covers advertising expenses in order to find advertisers, as well as it covers its operational expenses and charges of managers and partners directly working with advertisers and leading them to making orders.
  • Out of the money received from Contractors the Company generates its profit in the amount of 20% of total funds obtained.
  • As a result of expenses described in item 2, the Company finds advertisers that order services of contractors specified in unit 1.
  • Finally, Contractors receive money almost directly from Advertisers, through the Company website or affiliate services. The commission of WESNA and aforesaid affiliates at that is 0%. Needless to say, Contractors receive much more for their job than they spend on its search through us.

Therefore, the workflow model is completed to a satisfaction of all the parties:

  • Advertisers have got the needed services of a desired quality.
  • Contractors have got paid for their services.
  • Our Company has got its 20% profit.

To create this workflow model, we have used the world experience of recruiting agencies. We have used the “prepaid subscription” model in our settlements scheme. This model enables us to get money for company operation and development not from advertisers – something that other services do, but from contractors, all in advance.

This model lets us eliminate unfair contractors from our service, and it also allows responsible ones to find a better-paid and stable job.

Рrepaid Subscription

As a result of implementation of a unique business model we get paid directly by contractors who legally pay for our services of finding them a job – advertisers’ orders. We use this money to pay for our partners’ services, advertising costs and all the other operational expenses of the company. Contractors, in their turn, receive net fees paid by advertisers without any deductions.

Eventually, the commission in our business model is paid by contractors, not advertisers. At that, all payments are made in advance, which stipulates contractors’ responsibility for the quality of the services they provide.

Our business model works for contractors in a same way as that of a recruitment agency. We, as an agency, begin to search for a job for an applicant only after he/she has paid for the agency services. Nowadays, in order to find a good job, one has to pay for vocational training and settle agencies’ fees. And this is something that we’ve decided to implement in our business model, which eventually has shown amazing results.

Thanks to this business model implementation we have obtained fabulous quality performance for advertisers and unprecedented wage rates for contractors who get by far repaid for the funds they spend for finding them commands.

Therefore, WESNA is the first company in the world to have created this unique business model that has become the major reason for the Company’s vigorous growth and its establishment as a world’s motivated traffic market leader.